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For the first time in New Caledonia, a team of young explorers roams the open ocean looking for sperm whales. CODE CODA expedition brought back the first underwater and aerial images of these elusive animals. Broadcast: Canal+ Calédonie, June 2021.
Hakai Magazine
One year after its controversial "discovery," a thriving reef in French Polynesia is raising complex ethical questions about science's inner workings. Reprint in Courrier International and Boukan.
National Geographic France
Three divers are looking for the mysterious nautilus off Lifou Island in New Caledonia. Will they find it?
Hakai Magazine
Scientific wisdom says corals reproduce at night. But on reefs around the Indo-Pacific, sex also happens in broad daylight. Reprint in Popular Science and Canada's National Observer.
Paris 2024 needed a new, stronger tower for the olympic surf competition in Teahupoo. But residents fear its construction will destroy the corals they heavily depend on.
France TV La 1ère
Three mini docs were shot in New Caledonia for Loca'Terre, a TV program dedicated to sustainable initiatives all around French overseas territories. On the list: a man protecting the endemic cagous; former illegal blue boats recycled into wooden art; and young Kanaks saving mangroves.
Clarisse Merlet, an ingenious French entrepreneur, defied the odds and thought outside the box to create a solution to the textile waste problem.
Independent project
I Thought It Was A Joke
Investigating human-shark relationship in Reunion, where the rate of human deaths caused by shark attacks is among the world's greatest. This story explores the contradictions and subtleties of a relationship that never really blossomed, and questions the possibilities lying ahead.
National Geographic France
Best friends obsessed with botany explore and protect forgotten forests on the tiny French island, making game-changing discoveries along the way.
Great Big Story
A gang of grandmothers swims everyday to collect data on deadly sea snakes in the busiest bay of Noumea, New Caledonia.They're called the Fantastic Grandmothers.
Does genius always rhyme with crazy? Meet a scientist walking on canopies, a physicist going back in time with Stephen Hawking, and an architect inspired by butterflies and jellyfish. In this long-form, we discuss the links between science, creativity and madness.
Le Vif
They love getting their drones covered with snot. Ocean Alliance scientists not only are using a less invasive tool, but they're also making huge discoveries. Could drones be the future for cetaceans research?
Le Vif
30 millions d'A.I.
Machine learning, blockchain, drones, even Twitter: these tools are more and more used in conservation efforts. Could technology save nature? Not yet.